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The Tasty Kolam steam rice is a medium-size rice grain range that is used as a staple food in our daily life. It has a milder flavor with a pleasant aroma and rich taste than traditional Basmati Rice. Other types, Tasty Kolam Raw rice grains are tiny, spongy, and effortlessly eatable. It gives out a floral fragrance when cooked.


Kolam Rice is used as an everyday substitute for Basmati because it gives the same feel and taste asBasmati Rice. It has a smooth texture and does not have any preservatives. The Tasty Kolam raw rice is easily digestible and ideal for a perfect meal.


The Tasty Kolam rice is greatly admired for its pristine, soft, non-sticky texture and taste. When cooked, it releases a distinctive floral aroma. This nutritive rice has high protein and carbohydrate content. It has a longer shelf life and is highly valued amongst those who consume it daily. Kolam rice is cultivated mostly in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh.


Selected directly from farms across the country, the Tasty Kolam Raw rice is long and grainy in texture. Kolam rice is grown and consumed in large parts of western and southern India. On cooking this rice, you get an aromatic fragrance that tantalizes the taste buds.


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TASTY Kolam Rice

26 Kilograms
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