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Our Sona Saugaat Sona Masoori steam rice is one of the best choices for your daily use and this type of rice is sourced from paddy grown with organic inputs.


The R-Gold Sona Masoori steam rice is the most significant of the non-basmati rice in India, and it is processed in state-of-the-art Rice processing factories using traditional methods of making dietary rice for daily use.


The Sona Masoori rice is very healthy as it has very less starch and can be digested easily by the body. The Sona Saugaat Sona Masoori steam rice is a popular and most widely used food ingredient in south Indian cuisine and some of the food items that are made out of this type of rice like porridge, Pongal, biryani, and jeera rice are day-to-day delicacies in almost all the south Indian households.


We are one of the most trusted suppliers of both Sona Saugaat Sona Masoori steam rice and the R- Gold Sona Masoori Steam rice, and we are your most preferred rice supplier in Karnataka especially in and around the city of Bengaluru.


By using our R- Gold Sona Masoori Steam rice, you can easily reach your weight loss targets. This rice has a very low glycemic index of 51 and provides the required level of nutrients to the body to manage and control the sugar levels in the body.


The Sona Saugaat Sona Masoori steam rice is very low on starch and hence this is good for providing a low–carb diet for many health conditions.


In the unique process used in the processing of steam rice, more than 80% of the nutrients found in the raw rice shell get deposited into the rice grain, and this makes the rice grains less brittle.


During the steaming process, the brown color of the rice changes to bright white and looks like polished rice but in fact, the Sona Masoori rice is not polished.


The nutritional value of red rice for each 100 g of rice is as follows:


Sl No.


Quantity per 100 g



199 (kcal)



19.1 g



0.36 g



14.0 g


Dietary fiber

3.45 g




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R Gold Sona Massori Rice Steam

26 Kilograms
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