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Rajmudi Rice

The tasty Rajmudi rice is one of the best traditional rice varieties in south India. This rajamudi rice has many health benefits. Among the various varieties of Red rice, brown rice, and Basmati rice the Rajmudi rice from the Tasty brand and the Rice-up Rajmudi rice are fast becoming popular rice varieties in the South India kitchen.
Though this rice item was very famous even in the late 17th and 18th centuries, this rice gained its popularity in the times of the Wodeyars of Mysore Kingdom. It was considered one of the most valuable items by the King and he insisted the People who could not pay tax to the government of Mysore in Gold or Coins are asked to pay their tax in Rajmudi rice.
The Tasty Rajmudi rice is unpolished rice bearing a deep brown or red color. The Rice-up Rajmudi rice is a very good option for daily use as it is the best alternative to the white rice we are using for daily food. 
The Rajmudi rice is very rich in dietary fiber and has liberal amounts of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Due to this, the use of Tasty Rajmudi& Rice-up rice in our daily food helps your body fight infections and the detrimental effects of free radicals
Moreover, the zinc present in the Tasty Rajmudi & Rice-up Rajmudi rice also improves our body's immunity and helps in speeding up recovery and healing from wounds and diseases. The regular intake of food prepared with Tasty Rajmudi& Rice-up offers many good effects on your heart and takes care of all the diseases and conditions that affect the health of your heart.
The Rajmudi rice can remove the deposit of fat in the arteries and is good for your bone health for a stronger body even after the Middle Ages.  
As this rice has the lowest glycemic index among the Indian rice varieties this is good for those who are suffering from diabetes.
The Main nutrients in 100g of the Tasty Rajmudi rice are as follows:

Quantity per 100 g
345 (kcal)
7.94 g
 1.987 g
 78.99 g
Dietary fiber
 10.18 g

Thus, our Tasty Rajmudi Rice and Rice-up Rajmudi rice Bengaluru are the best choices for a nutritious diet plan and order now for a healthy life for you and your family.

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