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Brown Rice

Brown rice is a super nutritious whole grain packed with various nutrients. Our Tasty hand Pounded brown rice and Rice-Up Brown rice come to you with all the health benefits. 
This variety of brown rice is de-husked and unpolished rice that is processed by just removing the outer layer of the paddy and the hull of the rice kernel. 
This way of processing the rice helps the Tasty hand Pounded brown rice retain its nutrition and it offers special properties like more chewy while eating and gives a nutty flavor that adds to the unique flavor of the Rice- Up brown rice Bengaluru.
Our Tasty hand Pounded brown rice Rice-up is processed traditionally as if they are hand-pounded by women with a stone mortar and wooden pestle as done in the olden days. This makes the Tasty brown Rice & Rice- brown rice the first choice for all those who are health conscious and to take care of their health through good diet habits.
The health benefits of our Tasty brown Rice & Rice- up brown rice Bengaluru
The Tasty brown Rice & Rice- brown rice is rich in the following nutrients like

  • Minerals-zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and selenium

  • Proteins 

  • Dietary fibers 

  • Vitamins-vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin E and vitamin K

  • Antioxidants-flavonoids

  • Essential fatty acids 

Our Tasty brown Rice & Rice- up brown rice offers many health benefits like

  1.  Help you lose weight in a natural way

  2.  Maintains the right sugar level in your blood

  3.  Helps your body in easy digestion with ample amounts of dietary fiber

  4.  Maintains the right level and type of cholesterol in your body

  5.  Improves mental health by curing postpartum depression, disturbed mood, stages of depression, and fatigue

The nutritional value of brown rice for each 100 g of rice is as follows:

Quantity per 100 g
168 (kcal)
26.0 g
 0.45 g
 21.0 g
Dietary fiber
 2.6 g

Order your Tasty Hand pounded Brown rice or the Rice-up Brown rice Bengaluru from our online shop and get your rice hand-delivered to your home

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